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4V press brake die

  • 30°acute angle bending die
  • 3U bending lower die
  • 4V press brake die
  • 30°edge flattening compund die
  • adjustable off-set press brake toolings
  • integrated off-set die

Product Abstract:

No. H (mm) V Material & Heat Treatment Max.Pressure 129 60 4V 42CrMo & HRC47+-2 100TON/M

Product Description


H (mm)


Material & Heat Treatment





42CrMo & HRC47+-2


Our press brake toolings adopt advanced processing technic and the accuracy arrives to +-0.1mm for all the important part. The material we choose is 42CrMo and heat treatment is HRC47+02.


Our toolings’advantages


1. Production System: advanced manufacturing equipment, standardization, advanced processing technology

2. High Precision:all the tool’s cutting edge adopt grinding forming one time, so as to confirm the same angle, R angle and height for the same mold no. The accuracy range is +-0.01mm for the key parts. This will ensure the unchanged assemble precision even mold are bought from different time.

3. Standarization:we have the same standard with international main brand. Our toolings can make simple exchange assembly with international brand tools. The standard tool does not need a second operation to correct the deviation, so that to save replacing mold time.

4. More Durable: with overall quenching and refining process, the tools will be more durable. The hardness for the bending tools is HRC47+-2.


The clamping structure for the upper punch:

Standard length for press brake tools is L835 and S415. Customers can make combination use according the bending machine worktable.

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